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PVC Sprung floor protector

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Wipe clean PVC sprung floor protector. Easily disinfect your gymnastics sprung floor - simplify your Covid-19 related mitigation measures 

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In these difficult times for gymnastics facility operators managing Covid related risks, we appreciate the tremendous difficulties involved in opening your facilities and ensuring that the equipment is clean and ensuring your gymnasts and their parents can see that you are keeping it clean.

For most gyms the largest piece of equipment with the most touch points is the sprung floor area. This large carpeted area will require regular cleaning and disinfecting and you will need to ensure it is ready for use quickly between cleans without long drying times.

Our PVC sprung floor covers are ideal for this purpose to give you and your customers peace of mind regarding your Covid mitigation measures.

Manufactured bespoke to suit the size of your floor, we provide sections a maximum of 2.9m wide x the length of your floor - we aim to provide your cover using sections of equal width so depending on the size of the area you require, the sections will be between approximately 2.2m and 2.9m wide. The PVC is "double coated" to provide a thick layer of PVC protection on both sides of the fabric and has an attractive leather effect embossed matte finish which provides a hi-grip surface for activities taking place on the cover.

Each section attaches with genuine VELCRO® Fasteners to the adjacent section and the perimeter attaches using genuine VELCRO® Fasteners to the carpet surface of your sprung floor.

We sew in a 1m or 0.5m wide contrasting border to the perimeter so that gymnasts are aware of the edge of your floor.

Available in any of our 28 colours of PVC - each strip can be one colour or you can have fun and mix and match different colours or have stripes in your gym's house colours. Let your imagination run wild!

We have shown pricing for three typical overall sizes of floor area, but if you require a bespoke size or would like to see a digital mock-up of any colourway, pease contact us with the length and width of the cover you require and the colour(s) you want and we will provide a quotation with a digital representation of the cover in your chosen colours.

Standard sizes:

  • 14m x 14m overall (with 1m contrasting border)
  • 13m x 13m overall (with 0.5m border)
  • 12m x 12m overall (with 0.5m border)

The cover suits any gymnastics floor that has a carpet surface that VELCRO® Fasteners can attach to which includes all Continental made sprung floors.

The cover can be left in place for use during these difficult times, or removed in sections to permit elite gymnasts to train on the standard surface.

If you order a standard size floor protector online we will contact you to confirm your choice of colours and to provide a digital mock-up prior to manufacture.