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Artistic gymnastics sprung floor - FIG Approved

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FIG Approved artistic sprung gymnastics floor

Price from: £29,950.00
Price from: £29,950.00

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FIG ApprovedContinental's artistic sprung floor area is FIG certified. It's performance characteristics meet the current extremely stringent criteria issued by FIG regarding rebound height, firmness and absorption. FIG does not specify how that rebound is to be generated and does not specify any materials to be used by manufacturers for their springing system. Continental use foam springs and some other manufacturers use metal springs. All floors, whether foam or metal sprung must meet the same, tested, performance criteria to gain an FIG certificate which Continental is proud to hold for our floor.

Available in the following dimensions:

  • sprung area of 13m x 13m with a 12m x 12m marked working area and a vertical PVC skirt edge to give an overall area of 13m x 13m
  • sprung area of 13m x 13m with a 12m x 12m marked working area and an angled bevel or ramped carpet surround to give an overall area of 14m x 14m
  • bespoke area to suit your gym. For budgeting purposes please use the cost of the 13m x 13m floor with skirt and adjust the price pro-rata to your floor area - but please contact us for confirmation of the price

The floor is manufactured from plywood base panels containing a proprietary foam springing system, a 10mm Monobond underlay and a Tribond foam laminated to broadloom nylon carpet surface. Supplied with VELCRO® strips to cover the join between carpet surface rolls.

The top surface of the floor area is available in a range of colours including:

  • seal grey
  • commonwealth green
  • lilleshall blue
  • charcoal grey
  • purple

Our full Tribond colour range is available here.

If you do not have sufficient space in your gym for the regulation area, please contact us for a quotation for bespoke areas. We can also incorporate extensions to floor areas (for example up to the edge of a sunken trampoline for dismount practice, or up to a pit edge for tumbling practice). Continental offers two types of artistic floor:

  • FIG Approved Standard
  • Continental Performance

What is the difference and which floor is for me?

  • The "Standard" floor is FIG certified and is therefore approved for top level competitions.
  • For all club and training facility usage we recommend our alternative "Continental Performance" floor. This floor is the Continental floor that gymnasts throughout the UK prefer, and that is installed at most UK gymnastics training venues. The difference between the floors is the type of foam we use for the intermediate rebound layer. The "Standard" floor includes a 10mm layer of grey Monobond foam, whereas the "Continental Performance" floor incorporates a 25mm thick layer of white Fastfoam.
  • The "Continental Performance" floor offers additional cushioning and enhanced rebound. This provides a more forgiving apparatus for training purposes and is easier on the gymnasts joints, enabling longer training periods.

If you buy one of the floors and wish to switch to the other floor at a later date, the Monobond and Fastfoam intermediate layers are available separately - please contact us for a quotation