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TeamGym Landing Area

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Official size landing area for TeamGym. 7m x 4m x 330mm. Complete with PVC coverall.

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Full Description

This landing area for TeamGym is manufactured from a series of modules to create the official UEG TeamGym tumbling landing area of 7m x 4m.

The foam construction used provides firm support with cushioning underneath for landings in the marked 4m x 2m landing zone and the immediate 1m surround to give a firm yet cushioned 6m x 3m area. Slightly softer foam is used for landings in the perimeter 1m of the safety zone to provide additional cushioning for less accurate landings.

The landing area is supplied with a coverall to hold all the modules together to prevent gaps. The coverall has red sides and a safety zone with the landing zone in red - but is available in other colours to suit your facility.

A velcro strip at the front of the landing zone is sewn into the coverall to allow the optional 4m x 2m supplementary soft landing mat to be positioned on the landing zone.

To comply with the UEG Directives on TeamGym, your track / landing area must be supplemented by safety strips which are available at additional cost.

PLEASE NOTE: a supplementary soft landing mat for the landing zone and safety strips for the side of the tumble track are available at additional cost and must be purchased separately - please see the accessories shown to the right.