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TeamGym tumble track

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TeamGym tumble track from PE Redskaber / LEG. 15m x 2m wide track. Fully compliant with UEG Directives for TeamGym.

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Full Description

This fibre rod tumble track is specifically designed for TeamGym. Manufactured by PE Redskaber / LEG, the track provides the performance required by TeamGym and is accredited by the UEG for use in TeamGym competition.

This track uses red fibreglass rods in a metal frame - 15 panels each 1m long make up the standard TeamGym track length. The substantial anti-slip feet keep the track in position. The top surface is comprised of two layers - one 3.5cm thick foam and carpet layer which is placed carpet side onto the rods and is held in position with velcro strips down the edges of the metal frame of the track. The top surface is a 5cm thick special elastic foam which is covered with a mesh fabric and integral PVC skirt.

Also available are the following optional extras:

  • Run-up system
  • Landing area
  • Safety strips