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End deck spotting platforms with wedge mats

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Folding wheelaway safety platform attaches to trampoline frame. Compression springs fitted on the uprights. Price is for TWO decks and mats to suit one trampoline (image shows ONE deck with mat).

Price from: £2,453.00
Price from: £2,453.00

Full Description

Known as "End decks" or "Spotting platforms" these folding wheelaway safety platforms attach to the trampoline frame. Compression springs are fitted on the uprights to allow additional flex on landing.

Spotting platforms come complete with PVC covered wedge shaped foam mats which sit on the frame. Standard size fits all models of trampoline.

Spotting platforms are strongly recommended for use in all schools whenever trampolining is taking place.

Available in two sizes:

  • Standard size to suit school, club or competition size trampolines. The mats on standard size platforms are 2.44m x 1.83m x 200mm
  • FIG Competition size available and recommended (but not essential) for 101 size competition trampolines. The mats on competition size platforms are 3.02m x 2.02m x 200mm

The prices shown are for TWO (i.e. one PAIR) of decks and mats to suit one trampoline.

PLEASE NOTE: As standard we supply end decks with RED pvc covered mats.  Should you require BLUE mats please state so on your order - there is no extra charge for blue mats.