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Trampoline stability spreader plates

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Prevent trampolines from moving on lacquered timber floors or from causing indentations on cushioned vinyl floors. Supplied as a set of four plates

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Full Description

Continental's trampoline stability spreader plates are desinged for two purposes:

  • Reduce the risk of trampolines moving around lacquered timber sports hall floors when being bounced on
  • Reduce the risk of trampoline feet causing indentations in cushioned vinyl sports hall floors

The plates feature:

  • 600mm x 600mm x 24mm thick
  • Melamine faced MDF construction
  • Incorporate a lacquered timber "stop" to hold the trampoline foot in place
  • Routered handle to help lift the plates
  • Anti-slip fabric base to protect lacquered floors and to limit movement

The lacquered timber "stop" is offset so that the trampoline feet are central to the plate when in use. The "stop" is located on the outside of the trampoline foot to restrict outward movement.