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Additional delivery costs for trampolines to premises without level floor access. PRICE IS PER TRAMPOLINE

Price from: £55.00
Price from: £55.00

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Standard trampoline delivery is by one driver and requires level access to the location the trampoline is to be delivered. If the trampoline must be taken up or down stairs or access is not level we can assist your staff to position the trampoline as you require. We offer two special delivery options:

OPTION 1 - if delivery is required to premises without level access and the trampoline is to be carried up or down ONE flight of stairs (without a return on the stairs) we deliver the trampoline without bed and springs attached to reduce the weight. We require you to provide 4 people to assist our delivery driver in carrying the trampoline. Once in situ the bed(s) and springs are left for the customer to attach.

OPTION 2 - as per option 1 above, but our driver attaches the bed and springs which requires the assistance of 1 person provided by the customer.

Please add option 1 or option 2 in quantities to match the number of trampolines you are ordering. For example if you are purchasing 3 trampolines that need to go up one flight of stairs and you want our delivery driver to put the springs and beds on, please add 3 x OPTION 2 to your basket