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PVC lockable trampoline cover for a trampoline

Price from: £214.00
Price from: £214.00

Full Description

PVC lockable trampoline cover for a trampoline.  The cover is ideal to protect the web bed from accidental or malicious damage while in storage, keeps the bed clean and acts as a deterent to unauthorised or unattended usage.

The cover has a full length velcro seam to enable the cover to be easily put on and removed from the trampoline.

No padlock is included and should be supplied by the customer if required.

Available to suit the following trampoline sizes:

  • School "77" Series
  • Club "99" Series / Competition "101" Series

The covers are different sizes if your trampoline has safety / coaching sides, so please specify:

  • Trampoline without coaching / safety sides
  • Trampoline with coaching / safety sides