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"SafeLift" hydraulically assisted roller stands

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"Safelift" hydraulically assisted trampoline roller stands lower trampolines to fit under standard doors and make heavy trampolines easier to set up and put away

Price from: £889.00
Price from: £889.00

Full Description

Continental's hydraulically assisted "Safelift" mechanism provides safe and effortless lifting and lowering operation of a trampoline.

The hydraulic gas strut ensures a safe and steady controlled lowering of the trampoline even if the user accidentally lets go of the handle - the handle cannot move rapidly and injure the user as is the case with non-hydraulic lift/lower stands.

These are essential if you need to store your trampoline in a room with a low (standard height) door - they enable the trampolines to be moved under a standard height door without tipping the trampoline to fit. The table below shows the height of the folded trampoline on the two types of stands so you can ensure it fits under your store door:

  77 Series Trampoline 99 / 100 Series Trampoline
Fixed height roller stands 2,000mm 2,200mm
SafeLift roller stands (HIGH position) 2,010mm 2,225mm
SafeLift roller stands (LOW position) 1,780mm 1,995mm

Also, if manual handling regulations are a concern, the hydraulic assistance enables these stands to be easily lifted off the ground to when setting up the trampoline so that the frame does not have to be manually lifted to facilitate their removal.

Safelift roller stands cannot be used on trampolines with safety sides.

Safelift roller stands are available to suit the following trampoline sizes which must be specified when ordering:

  • Continental 99 or 101 Series
  • Continental 77 Series
  • Nissen Goliath

The prices shown are for safelift roller stands purchased without a new trampoline. If you will also be purchasing a new trampoline, please specify them as an option when buying the trampoline to benefit from a reduced combined price.