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Trampoline beds

Replacement web beds for school, club and competition size trampolines from Continental, Eurotramp, Unitramp, Nissen and Ceetex

Price from: £1,012.00
Price from: £1,012.00

Full Description

Continental manufacture web beds to suit Continental's own trampolines and a range of trampolines from other manufacturers.

Continental is the only manufacturer in the UK to manufacture web beds on a full size frame under tension with the sewing head controlled by a microprocessor steered by lasers - this ensures the run of stitching on a Continental bed is straighter and more centralised on the webbing than beds made by any other manufacturer.

The beds are all complete with a full set of indestructible chrome plated steel bed clips (we do not think it is safe to rely on plastic clips) to attach the springs to your bed.

Webbing beds are made as standard in "natural" off-white webbing with a contrasting red centre marker (Competition beds have markings to comply with the latest FIG Horizontal Displacement regulations). We can also make your beds in red, yellow, blue, orange and black - please call for details and availability if you have a special requirement.

We are also pleased to offer a bed fitting service - we can remove your existing bed and replace it with a brand new one on your premises.  Please call us on 01484 542 051 and ask to speak to our maintenance department

The following bed sizes are equivalent:

  • 77 Series fits Continental 77 Series, Unitramp M, Ceetex 77 and Nissen 77A
  • 99 Series fits Continental 99 Series, Unitramp GM, Ceetex GM
  • 101 Series fits Continental 101 Series, Unitramp GMEX, Ceetex GMEX

If you do not know which bed will fit your trampoline (or you have a different trampoline to the ones listed above), please count the springs down the length and end of the bed and call us to discuss your requirements.