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The Flip Machine

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Catch some serious air with the "Flip Machine" - a brand new product from Continental and PE-Redskaber for gymnastics, Parkour and cheerleading. Ideal for Freestyle Gymnastics / Parkour / Tricking training!

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Full Description

The Flip Machine is a small sealed Airtrack+ type unit designed for practising summersaults, flips and jumps. From a standing start you can gain a huge assistance to help you accelerate and gain height easily to practise a huge range of gymnastic and cheerleading moves.

The Flip Machine is easily inflated using the Hitachi modified blower (the same unit works with our Airfloor) in less than one minute. Once inflated the unit remains ready for use time after time, only needing topping up as required - changes in temperature and level of usage may result in a top up of air being needed periodically.

The surface is firm and flat and the Flip Machine can be positioned on any gym or cheerleading floor surface from an artistic floor or landing mats, to a sprung timber or carpeted floor.

The Flip machine can be used individually for repeated jump practice, or it can be used from all four sides at once by four gymnasts taking a standing jump start into a back summersault.

The Flip Machine is lightweight and portable weighing in at only 10kg

This innovative training aid really helps prevent overuse injuries to ankles, shins and knees.

Dimensions: 2m x 1.5m x 0.3m deep

No blower is included with the Flip Machine and the modified Hitachi blower must be ordered separately.

To see the Flip Machine in operation click to play the video below: