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Springboard - Junior Powerboard

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Junior springboard. Hybrid board for younger, lighter gymnasts. Looks just like a competition springboard, but smaller.

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Full Description

We have developed the Junior Springboard as a hybrid board with the best features of our short training springboard and our senior Powerboard.

This springboard is designed to provide a realistic springboard experience for younger children (5 to 10 years old). Younger children struggle to reach the optimum impact point on full size springboards with one jump, and this smaller board enables them to do so.

The board combines soft foam springs with metal coil springs to provide the smallest and lightest of gymnasts with a useful rebound to enable them to practice and prepare for their development onto full size equipment.

The Junior Powerboard is covered in soft foam and upholstered in blue carpet to provide a cushioned surface to help protect younger joints. The integral handles enable the board to be carried easily by children.

The board measures 800mm long x 500mm wide x 200mm high at the highest point

With the look and features of a full size springboard, this Junior Powerboard is a great confidence builder for younger children to get the "feel" of full size apparatus.