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Springboard - FIG Competition

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Fig approved and certified competition springboard available in the FIG's defined "Hard" or "Soft" configurations

Price from: £698.00
Price from: £698.00

Full Description

FIG Approved gymnastics springboardThis springboard is our top competition level board, and has been used at all high level British Gymnastics events in the UK.

The springboard is available in two configurations - "Hard" and "Soft". Whilst "Hard" is normally used by men and "Soft" by women, both configurations are designed to be used by men and women to suit their particular size, weight and style.

The "Hard" configuration board is identified by a small white dot on the front edge of the carpet surface.

This board features a Kevlar strengthened plywood top leaf with permanent non-removable springs.

The springs are set to the configuration you purchase and are not adjustable. This fixed arrangement is specified by FIG which prohibit adjustable springboards in competition under their apparatus norms, and boards cannot be modified to the other configuration. If you require an adjustable springboard, please consider our Powerboard as an alternative.