Schelde SRX Volleyball set (TELESCOPIC)

The Schelde Sports SRX (Spring Regulated eXchange) volleyball system with TELESCOPIC posts

Product Reference : 24S1654055

Your Price: £1,528.00

The brand new Schelde Sports SRX (Spring Regulated eXchange) volleyball system provides a range of unqiue enhancements to Schelde's market leading socketed volleyball system.

The new SRX (Spring Regulated eXchange) volleyball system allows perfect net tension under all circumstances and offers extra support during ball impacts. In combination with the new spindle and cable grip, the net can be put under tension in no time. The perfect net tension can be achieved by matching the markings on the net tension display.

Lightweight aluminum profiles offer ease of use and the reinforced aluminum core ensures optimal rigidity.

This complete SRX TELESCOPIC volleyball set comprises: 2 telescopic volleyball posts with competition net and antennas

  • 1x telescopic volleyball post with SRX system (24S1654150)
  • 1x telescopic volleyball post with net hooks (24S16541355)
  • 1x competition net (24S1654005)
  • 1x set of antennas and antenna pockets (24S1654670)

Product features:

  • internal SRX (Spring Regulated eXchange) tension equipment for optimum net tension
  • the tension indicator visually shows the correct tension (green zone = OK)
  • clear cm indication on the posts
  • competition net with very strong Kevlar cord
  • posts ø 101 mm

Additional items that are available but that are not included are:

  • protective post padding
  • net pads
  • floor sockets
  • umpires stands 

These posts require deep sockets that are available at additional cost

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