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Adventure parks / Ninja courses - bespoke designs to suit your facility and customers from Continental Sports


Full Description

Continental manufactures a range of products for adventure / ninja activities in trampoline parks and freestyle gymnastics facilities.

Many trampoline park customers ask us to make a "Ninja Warrior" course based on something they have seen on TV, but when we analyse the customer groups that the park is aiming at, it is invariably social users, children and parents and similar rather than fitness experts, super-athletes and super-human stron people.

We therefore typically find that a true "Ninja Warrior" course isn't suitable for the majority of applications due to the group of potential users being so restricted - many of the "Ninja Warrior" activities are too hard for "normal" people. So even if the course is called "Ninja" for marketing reasons it is often what we refer to as an "Adventure Park". We can and do manufacture true Ninja Warrior type elements, but we will try very hard to suggest you purchase usable versions that suit the majority of your target customers.

Our typical Adventure Park includes:

  • A dismount pit - resi-pit with or without a digitally printed SoftTouch cover, or a foam filled pit.
  • An aluminium truss structure - onto which various (sometimes interchangeable) obstacles and activities are hung or fixed such as ropes, ladders, sea of rings, poles, swinging steps and ring toss
  • Battle beams, rolling logs, fidget ladders, monkey bars (fixed or counterbalanced rotating) and stepping stones - suspended over or fixed into a separate pit without the need for an aluminium truss structure
  • ModuBlox - parkour items included boxes, bars, tic-tacs and vaults

Please contact us to discuss the size of your Adventure Park and any specific requirements - as a manufacturing company we make all the elements in house so we are delighted to work with you to develop products you have devised or have seen