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Angled trampolines

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Angled trampolines - perimeter wall angles and back-to-back in-zone angles


Full Description

Trampoline parks from Continental Sports LtdContinental's trampoline park system incorporates 60° angled wall trampolines to the perimeter of most main jumping zones. This angle is fully compliant with PAS5000.

Our system also incorporates angled triangular trampolines in the corners of two perpendicular runs of trampolines - but those tend to be used by only the most able of bouncers!

Within a trampoline park jumping we can also include lower (1.2m high - for PAS5000 compliance) angled trampolines for in-zone tricking. These are normally back-to-back and can be positioned anywhere in the main jumping area but they are particularly useful at the end of tumble tracks.