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The new freestanding Air-Pit from BAGJUMP - an easy to set up, movable, above ground landing "pit" for gymnastics landing activities

Price from: £5,660.00
Price from: £5,660.00

Full Description

The BAGJUMP Air-Pit is ideal for gymnastics clubs that don't have below-ground pits but want to train moves that require the large, soft landing of a dismount pit.

Easily set up by one person in minutes, the Air-Pit can be taken out of storage for temporary use with apparatus that normally has a dismount to landing mats to enable higher tariff skills to be taught and developed.

Perfect for multi-use facilities where a gymnastics club shares a sports hall with other sports, the Air-Pit has a small storage footprint and is set-up and packed away quickly and easily and provides a true dismount pit to a shared facility.

Ideal not just for gymnastics clubs, but for school use in PE lessons. The Air-Pit can be used instead of a pile of safety mats for landings from vault or trampette, and also under climbing ropes or similar PE apparatus. Not just useful. Not just a safety device. But also great fun for children to land on!

Available in three standard sizes:

  • SMALL - 5m x 3m x 1m
  • MEDIUM - 6m x 4m x 1m
  • LARGE - 6.5m x 4.5m x 1m

All Air-pits are complete with:

  • A SoftTouch TopSheet with BAGJUMP branding which attaches using Velcro to the Air-Pit. This incredibly durable fabric provides a warm to the touch soft material for landing - you don't land on cold PVC!
  • An AirBlower - with a UK plug, the AirBlower is connected to the Air-Pit for inflation and remains attached and constantly blowing when in use. The AirBlower is variable output to enable the pressure of the Air-Pit to be varied to suit different usage situations

The standard Air-Pit SoftTOuch TopSheet is provided as standard in RED with the Continental and BAGJUMP logos. The sides of the Air-Pit are black.

The SoftTouch TopSheet is also available digitally printed entirely with your graphics - you can put your gym name, logo, colours, or literally any graphics you would like - make your Air-Pit unique to match the branding of your gym! We require you to provide a digital graphics file in a format to suit our requirements.

The video below shows how easy the Air-Pit is to set-up and use in a school sports hall for physical education lessons:

The video below shows the Air-Pit being used for higher level gymnastics skills: