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Basketball ring and net - pressure release

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Replacement pressure-release basketball ring and net for a Continental basketball goal (matchplay or practice)

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Full Description

This robust steel ring is designed to suit Continental basketball goals. It is a pressure release ("Dunk") basketball ring.

This ring incorporates a spring system which allows the ring to "snap" forward by 5 degrees to encourage anyone grasping the ring to let go. The ring automatically returns to the play position when released.

The ring incorporates standard net hooks and is supplied complete with a net.

A pressure-release ring should always be fixed to steelwork behind the backboard to prevent people hanging from the ring damaging the board. This price assumes that a steel frame is already in place behind your backboard. This enables the slam-dunk ring to be fixed directly to the steelwork so that undue loadings are not imposed on the backboard. Slam-dunk rings must not be attached directly to backboards.

If you have fixed rings and wish to upgrade to slam-dunk rings but do not have a steel frame behind your backboard, please contact us for a price for us to supply and install the necessary steel frame.

Priced on a SUPPLY ONLY basis