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Basketball end wall impact padding

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Wall padding to lessen the effect of impact with the end walls of a basketball court


Full Description

Standard provision in sports halls in the USA, increasingly our UK customers require padding to walls at the ends of basketball courts.

This padding provides mitigation of the likely severity of any impact injuries from basketball players hitting the end walls after over-running the court.

Sport England guidance recommends a 2m run-off at the court ends but sometimes a facility cannot accomodate that, or facilities that can accomodate that run-off prefer to provide padding as additional mitigation in case the 2m run-off is insufficient for their players and following risk assesment.

As a secondary feature the padding provides the opportunity for branding as we can digitally print the panels with logos, images, literally anything that can be provided in digital format - all panels can be printed or just some panels to provide a feature element.

As standard our wall panels are 40mm thick x 1.2m wide and are available in 2 heights:

  • 2.0m high
  • 2.4m high

They are available in 28 PVC colours which can be mixed and matched - perhaps in stripes showing two house colours. The PVC colour chart is available here.

To install the panels we fix timber bearers onto the end walls with VELCRO fixings onto which the panels with a timber backing are secured. This enables panels to be replaced / removed if necessary. We also offer an timber lath installation method where the pads are trapped behind laths if a permanent installation with no risk of unauthorised removal of the pads is preferred