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Blackout curtains

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Blackout curtains for dojos, sports halls, gyms, dance studios and activity spaces


Full Description

Continental manufacture blackout curtains for a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Viewing gallery blackout
  • Posture mirror blackout
  • Blocking natural / bright light from windows / glazed walls

We recommend two different fabrics:

  • Tervira - a lightweight polypropylene available in a range of colours - this is excellent in front of mirrors or to block viewing from galleries or similar areas, but it can be slightly permeable to very bright direct light
  • Premier blackout - a black cotton fabric that is impermeable to light and necessary for situations in front of direct bright light

The curtains are supported from ceiling or wall fixed heavy duty aluminium trackway with enclosed runners and the curtains can be stored in wall fixed tie-back straps or storage pouches.