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Cantilever beam units (single/double beams) - Wall hinged

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Wall hinged cantilevered "Single / Double Beam" unit - also known as hinged booms or hinged beams

Price from: £3,859.00
Price from: £3,859.00

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Traditional timber adjustable height beams with steel bracing members manufactured by Continental in the UK to BS1892 / 1972. These beams are typically wall hinged but can be roof mounted with a travelling upright if there is no space to accommodate the folded beam.

The beams are manufactured in the traditional style with hidden counterbalance weights in the uprights to ensure smooth and easy repositioning of the beams using the integral hauling ropes. The beams are easily rotated to provide a flat side for balance and a curved side for vaulting. They are supplied with a set of beam wedges to stabilise the beams when in use.

Available in four heights to suit user requirements:

  • Keystage 3 - 3.0m (10') & 3.6m (12')
  • Keystage 4 - 4.2m (14') & 4.8m (16')
The single/double beams are the same price regardless of the height, so for maximum flexibility we suggest ordering the tallest that will fit in your facility and monitoring usage to prevent younger children climbing too high.

These items require floor fixings and the requirements regarding underfloor heating therefore apply to these items (i.e. you must make provision in the foor in advance of the heating being installed, or you must confirm how deep into the floor we can drill before installation).

If you do not have sufficient wall space to store the hinged single/double beam against the wall, we also offer a travelling upright version that can be suspended from a roof beam - please contact us for further details if this is the case with your facility.

Please note that the price shown includes installation of the beam, but there is an additional modest "Area Charge" to cover the site visit which will be added to your basket at checkout based on your postcode.