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Ceiling / roof and wall protection netting

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Roof / ceiling and wall protection netting. Permanent or semi-permanent versions. Prevent projectiles hitting your ceiling, roof or cladding walls


Full Description

We are regularly asked by customers to install netting systems to offer protection to their roofspace, ceiling or wall cladding or as a way of stopping projectiles getting stuck in and on services in the roof.

We have a number of ways of installing netting including a combination of:

  • taught steel cables
  • aluminium trackway
  • wall and roof fixed brackets

The netting we use depends on the size of projectiles to be stopped and can include:

  • 150mm mesh to stop footballs or similar
  • 50mm mesh to stop cricket balls, shuttlecocks or larger items
  • 25mm mesh to stop golf balls or larger
  • close knit mesh to stop all projectiles

The netting can be installed in two ways:

  • permanent installation - the netting is not designed to be removable (such netting can be removed if needed but requires disassembly and re-installation)
  • semi-permanent - the netting is attached to the supporting structure using velcro so that it can easily be removed - for example to service lights or air conditioning units

All installations are bespoke so please contact us to let us know your requirements and so we can provide a quotation to suit your needs.