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Column padding

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PVC upholstered padding to columns to protect participants in a room


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Continental Sports manufactures bespoke column padding to suit any column of any size.

Ideal in a sports facility, trampoline park, dojo, gymnastics training gym, warehouse or similar where there is a risk participants would come into contact with solid structural columns in a building.

We do not just strap a mat around a column unlike some companies (which sags, looks shoddy and peels away from the column over time). We clad the column in timber, and manufacture bespoke timber backed panels that attach to the encased column using Velcro. This enables each face of a padded column to be removed for replacement or cleaning.

Available in a range of 27 PVC colours and to suit 1-face, 2-faces, 3-faces or all 4 faces of columns.

To provide a quotation we need dimensions of the columns and the height you want them to be padded - ideally with a CAD drawing and or photos of the room please.

Our standard thickness of padding is 40mm as they are designed to protect against unintentional glancing blows, but we can pad columns up to 300mm thick if your situation is such that you expect people to be running at the columns.