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Competition high bar - FIG Approved

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Competition standard FIG Approved horizontal high bar

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FIG Approved gymnastics apparatusRef. 273A competition high bar incorporating an ultrasonically tested stainless steel bar and double cable tensioning system

In accordance with FIG regulations, all high bars are date stamped on despatch from Continental and are to be replaced within three years.

The high bar is supplied complete with a set of cables and requires 4 floor anchors which are sold separately.

This FIG Approved model is fully compliant with current FIG specifications and tested by the University of Freiburg who have confirmed to the FIG that the bar meets the requirements of the FIG norms both at the standard "classic" height of 2.8m and also at the height of 2.9m which can be specially requested in competitions by taller gymnasts. Continental high bars will therefore now be supplied with two fixing points on the uprights. The top fixing should be used as standard, but the cables can be released and re-attached to the lower height if you need to set the bar at 2.9m high.