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Competition Olympic Weightlifting Bar - 20kg

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Highest specification competition weightlifting bar - 20kg

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Full Description

This 20kg Men’s Competition Weightlifting Bar is our highest spec barbell.

There is no more specific set of requirements than the needs of an Olympic weightlifting space in a performance setting. This bar has top spec features across the board in line with IWF specifications for the most discerning of user.

The Competition barbell boasts a weight tolerance of +/- 0.1%, making it exceptionally accurate. The tensile strength of 216,200 psi also makes the bar one of the toughest on the market and is sure to last a lifetime.

Feaaturing IWF style knurling and needle bearings offering lifters perfect grip and effortless speed under the bar.

With threaded sleeves, alloy steel construction, chrome coating and laser engraving on the inside of sleeves; the competition bar not only offers first class performance but also looks incredible.

Key features:

  • Tested to a Tensile strength of: 216,200 psi and a Yield strength of: 206,900 psi
  • Needle bearing provides a higher load capacity whilst still maintaining spin over bushings
  • 1,500lbs (680.3kg) max capacity
  • Threaded sleeves
  • IWF Compliant