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COVERMASTER Platinum EasyRoll Carpet

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COVERMASTER™ Platinum EasyRoll Carpet sports hall floor covering - the quickest, easiest way to carpet your sports hall


Full Description

The COVERMASTER™ PLATINUM EASYROLL® GYM FLOOR CARPET is the easiest and quickest way to carpet large indoor areas such as sports hall floors.

PLATINUM EASYROLL® CARPET is a premium, roll out gym floor covering specifically designed to protect gymnasium floors from damage while being used in non-athletic events.

PLATINUM EASYROLL® CARPET is comprised of a surface friendly SoftBack bottom layer, with a non-porous inner LeakBlock Core and a 100% Polypropylene yarn surface, for optimum gymnasium protection and performance.

PLATINUM EASYROLL® CARPET is available in standard charcoal grey colour

Features and Benefits

  • Specially designed, multi-layered gymnasium carpet that lays flat on the floor, eliminating trip hazards.
  • 6mm thick, providing a cushion against chairs, staging and high heel damage.
  • Heavy duty gym carpeting and acts as an acoustical barrier for large, open areas.
  • Easy to clean and maintain by the end user or it can be professionally cleaned.
  • Stain resistant surface - easy to vacuum clean.
  • Sections are easily rolled out and connected with it’s exclusive SecureLap seam system.

These carpet rolls are finished with a SecureLap seam enabling a leak proof join that is held in place with surface fixed Velcro® joining strips. The special seam ensures the overlap does not result in an unsightly "hump" in the carpet. Please note that the carpet rolls have a maximum length of 30m, so runs over 30m will be joined together with a 4" Velcro® cross seam on the top surface.

Covermaster Platinum EasyRoll

Also available:


THE PLATINUM SERIES COVERMATE™ storage rack and handling system was designed to bring the ease of handling of our CoverMate Gym Floor Cover Handing Systems to our Platinum EasyRoll® Carpet Series. With its unique floor mounted brakes, safety outriggers and smooth turning rollers, the mobile storage rack makes it safe, quick and easy to convert your gym into a carpeted event center.


  • 3600 lbs Load Capacity
  • Extendable Safety Outriggers
  • 1-1/2” Tubular Steel Framing.
  • Patented Safety Roller Collars
  • Frame Mounted Foot Locking Brake System
  • 4 Non-Marking Casters
  • Exclusive White Powder Coated Frame
  • 2 Polycarbonate Hand Cranks for Easy Handling


To remove a gym floor cover from the floor, simply attach each cover section to its roller and wind it back up with the two standard hand cranks.

Or get the optional PowerMate™, a heavy duty power winder with as much as 270 ft-lb of torque that handles the largest and heaviest of gym floor covers. It makes an easy job even easier!

PowerMate™ Features...

  • Portable power winder
  • One-hand operation when engaged
  • Power assists in rolling up cover sections
  • Special adapter head fits inside roller end
  • Forward/reverse switch
  • Light, compact design
  • Includes plastic storage/carrying case
  • Slotted, 6" long coupler secures a connection