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Netting trackway padded pelmet

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Padded pelmet protection for trackway. Reduce damage to aluminium trackway for netting caused by direct hits from cricket balls


Full Description

Particularly in cricket focussed centres, direct hits from cricket balls can dent aluminium trackway. This can prevent runners working correctly in the trackway, making the netting harder to pull out and causing jamming of runners in the trackway.

Working in connection with the ECB, we have developed this padded pelment protection system that helps protect the trackway from virtually all balls. 

The system comprises a series of brackets to fix the pelmet to the top of the trackway, and provides angled timber panels that are upholstered with a thick foam layer and covered in PVC.

The foam cushions the strike and deadens the impact from cricket balls. The appropriate foam has been determined through laboratory testing undertaken by Labosport - the leading sports testing and consulting firm.

Available in:

  • Choice of 28 colours of PVC upholstery
  • Single sided protection
  • Double sided protection
  • Sections to protect trackway curves

Please contact us for details and a quotation to add this system to your trackway.

This pelmet also protects aluminium trackway using in other settings such as throws cages.