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Cube set - School set 3

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School Set 3 - portable equipment for Freestyle Gymnastics / Parkour set of 21 elements

Price from: £28,995.00
Price from: £28,995.00

Full Description

The School Sets are designed specifically for the teaching of Freestyle Gymnastics / Parkour in schools but are equally at home in a gymnastics club or youth club.

The School Set 3 comprises:

  • Cubes: 3 x Large, 2 x Small
  • Walls: 1 x Large, 2 x Small
  • 1 x Sloping board
  • 1 x Bed to provide 200mm height increase to a wall
  • 2 x Padded covers to turn a wall into a vaulting box
  • 1 x Preparation of one side of a large Cube as a climbing wall
  • 1 x Wall bar mounting*
  • 1 x Sloping beam(4m)
  • Beams: 2 x 2m, 2 x 3m
  • 1 x Steel pole (2,5m, Ø42.4mm)
  • 2 x Steel pole (2m, Ø42.4mm)

* If you do not have wall bars which are necessary to use this item, we can supply and install suitable wall bars (at additional cost), or you can select the set without this item. If you don't have wall bars and therefore choose not to have this item we recommend adding an additional large cube to your purchase to provide the full range of activities from this set.

We also offer cubes and walls with "urban graphics" printed onto the sides. Please select "plain" for the standard hi-grip finish to all sides, or "urban graphics" for the urban effect on all sides of walls and two sides of cubes (other sides remain as hi-grip textured for increased flexiblity). We will contact you with the choice of images on receipt of your order.

PLEASE NOTE: The large cube requires a minimum access door / storeroom door height of 2,070mm