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Dismount pit - airbag

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Airbag dismount pits for trampoline parks and gymnastics training facilities


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BagJump air bags for trampoline parks from Continental Sports Ltd

Continental work with the World's leading manufacture of air bags, BagJump of Austria to provide air bag pits for trampoline parks. BagJump air bags are not just inflated cushions or bouncy castles - they are multi-layer sophisticated bags designed so that multiple users an land simultaneously on the bag without causing a rebound effect.

We design the pit to suit the BagJump air bag and foam the base and walls of the pit before our in-house installation teams (trained and authorised by BagJump) install the air bag and blowers.

The BagJump air bag features:

  • SoftTouch top sheet - an incredibly strong, yet soft and warm to the touch removable top sheet which is digitally printed with your graphics - we can print logos, text, photos, cartoons - anything you can provide digitally
  • Ultra heavy duty PVC protector sheet - on top of the air pillars and underneath the SoftTouch top sheet this sheet protects users from the air bag and keeps a layer of cushioning air between the air pillars
  • Patented cushion shaped air pillars - within the bag a series of removable, replacable (these are wearable items) air pillars that provide the air bag functionality of multiple safe simultaneous landings on one bag.
  • Air filled base to provide the cushion of supporting air - the bag is certified for landings from 8m above the bag, but PAS5000 restricts the maximum height in a trampoline park to 2m above the bag. 

Continental's air bag entry points include:

  • Trampoline tracks - allow tumbling and somersaults into the bag
  • Angled trampolines - 15° angled square trampolines with a 1.2m high jump box behind which project the user slightly forward for an exhilerating experience of being thrown forward over the bag
  • Jump boxes - fully padded 1.2m or 2m high jump towers (maximum permisTrampoline parks from Continental Sports Ltdsible height under PAS5000 is 2m) with safety barriers around to allow users simply to jump from heigh onto the bag

All our trampoline entry points feature a system borrowed from our years of experience in making school trampettes - the "open-ended" system. This removes the need for a metal frame at the dismount end of the trampoline and replaces it with a bundle of bungee cords covered in cushioned PVC. This means any participant who doesn't get far into the pit and who rolls backwards will hit their head or arms on the the bungees rather than a padded metal frame.