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Dismount pit entry - 15º angled trampoline

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Angled trampoline entry point into an airbag or foam pit


Full Description

Trampoline parks from Continental Sports LtdContinental's 15º angled trampolines provide a more exciting entry point into an airbag or foam pit than a flat trampoline.

Some participants struggle to achieve the forward momentum necessary to reach a safe distance into the pit, and others appreciate some assistance from the trampoline to ensure they rotate sufficiently to safely land somersaults.

We therefore developed the angled trampoline pit entry point. This comprises:

  • An open-ended standard 2.4m x 2.4m trampoline held in a special angled frame to provide a 15º slope towards the dismount pit
  • A 1.2m high padded box behind the trampoline to provide a launchpad onto the angled trampoline with steps up to the box
  • Balustrade and handrail to prevent participants falling off the launchpad box (if necessary)

Angle trampolines can be installed individually or as a series of adjacent entry points