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Dismount pit entry - trampoline

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Trampoline or trampoline track entry point into an airbag or foam dismount pit


Full Description

Trampoline parks from Continental Sports LtdContinental manufactures a range of trampolines and other entry points into a foam or airbag pit.

For basic entry we recommend using a square park trampoline (2.4m x 2.4m) or track (2.4m x 4.8m or 7.2m or 9.6m etc.).

To provide a better launch to ensure the participant is bouncing well before reaching the dismount we can also install padded boxes in front of the trampoline and 500mm high to provide a launch pad start.

All our trampoline entry points feature a system borrowed from our years of experience in making school trampettes - the "open-ended" system. This removes the need for a metal frame at the dismount end of the trampoline and replaces it with a bundle of bungee cords covered in cushioned PVC. This means any participant who doesn't get far into the pit and who rolls backwards will hit their head or arms on the the bungees rather than a padded metal frame.