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Dismount pit - foam pit

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Foam filled dismount pits for trampoline parks


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Trampoline parks from Continental Sports LtdContinental invented foam filled dismount pits for gymnastics facilities in the 1960's and we have installed innumerable foam pits in the UK since then - including most of the High Performance Gymnastics training centres in the UK.

We have developed the methodology for these pits for trampoline parks to ensure their construction complies with PAS5000.

We therefore provide a steel framework to the perimeter of the pit which supports a large trampoline bed attached to that framework using competition trampoline springs.

Onto that trampoline bed is a layer of foam and carpet laminate to protect the foam cubes above from friction from the bed material and to stop feet reaching the springs.

We top up the pit with 200mm x 200mm x 200mm foam cubes in your choice of colours (red, yellow, green or blue as standard and any colour subject to minimum order of 6,600 cubes)

We upholster the pit edges with 75mm thick chipfoam protective edge padding and a PVC cover held in place by timber laths all around

This system provides a two stage energy absorption mechanism - the user's fall is slowed and cushioned by friction with and compression of the foam cubes, and then the trampoline under the cubes disipates the energy to the perimeter springs providing a safe, fun wallowing effect of the entire pit.

Foam cubes are doign their job if they present friction to the user to slow their fall - this means pieces of foam will break away under normal use and the edges of cubes will wear over time - the speed of wear depends on usage - so cubes should be considered consumables.