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Division netting hauling cradles

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Electrically winched hauling cradles to lift division netting for storage in the roofspace. Easily lift division nets above perimeter seating or viewing galleries.


Full Description

Traditional division netting must be stored against a wall. We are able to use curves in trackay to move the netting away from the end of its "in use" position to somewhere more convenient. However in certain venues such as arenas with permieter seating all around, there may be nowhere to store your divison nets.

In these situations, Continental can provide an electrically winched storage cradle which can lift the netting into the roofspace.

The cradle is made from an aluminium frame for lightweight strength and rigidity. A bespoke PVC cover is then attached to hold the netting, and it is all winched using a heavy duty 3-phase winch. The winch is operated from a wall fixed control panel.

These are bespoke items so please contact us for further discussions and pricing.