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Floor anchors for indoor goals

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Floor anchors to secure indoor five-a-side, hockey or handball goals when wall anchoring is not feasible

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For goals that require securing when in use (five a side, hockey, handball, futsal) we recommend the less obtrusive and cheaper wall securing system. In halls where wall anchoring is not possible - e.g. due to doors or glazing behind the centre of the goals, these floor anchors are recommended.

The price includes four floor anchors, four sets of chains and shackles and four eyebolts secured to the side frames of the goals.

Please note that a pair of hockey goals and a pair of five a side goals can share the same wall anchors, but as the goals are different dimensions if floor anchors are necessary a separate set of anchors will be needed for each goal.

In sprung floors removable bushing covers will be required to be installed by others to give access to the slab where the chain is fixed.