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Foam filled dismount pit

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Fully foam filled gymnastics dismount pit


Full Description

Continental's dismount pits are in use in gymnastics centres across the UK.

We undertake the following works:

    • Provide Computer Aided Design drawings to show how the pit can accomodate the required equipment and ensure safe size dismount areas are available. 
    • Work closely with your builders to recommend construction methods and tolerances Install cantilever platforms to suit the equipment - you can save money on the pit construction as we only ask for a basic shape - your builder does not need to build castellations in concrete to support the equipment as we provide the necessary platforms 
    • Install any necessary stud walling to separate out areas with sunken trampolines 
    • Install a base foam layer of 300mm slab foam to prevent any risk of "bottoming out" by gymnasts 
    • Line the walls with carpet. This is optional but strongly recommended - it reduces abrasion of the foam against the concrete walls and reduces the risk of abrasion injuries to gymnasts 
    • Upholster the pit edges with bespoke high density chipfoam covered with pvc trapped in lacquered hardwood laths screwed securely to the pit edges. 
    • The edge padding we use is 75mm thick on the top surface and 50mm thick on the pit edge - this is significantly thicker and therefore safer than padding used by other companies. Install bespoke packers to ensure any recessed trampolines are flush with the pit surface 
    • Fill the pit with foam logs and sufficient logs to top up the pit after initial settlement 
    • We now offer three qualities of foam to suit your requirements and budget.

    All pits are bespoke designed so please contact us for assistance and quotation.