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Fold-out padded walls

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Wall hinged fold-out wall padding for use with a trampoline for Rebound Therapy


Full Description

We reguarly fit out bespoke rebound therapy rooms in new and existing buildings with trampolines and padded walls.

Not every facility can accomodate a permanent Rebound Therapy room, so sometimes an innovative solution is necessary to enable rebound therapy to take place safely.

We designed this system to provide a safe, secure, sturdy fold out padded wall area to accomodate a rebound therapy trampoline with padding to three sides to make the particpants feel more secure. The padded walls cut down the need for spotters, and the padding at both ends eliminates the need for end decks.

The system is based on our fold-out climbing frame arrangement with overhead tensioning cables and wall fixed tension clamps to ensure the walls at the ends of the trampoline are stable and secure

The padding is 40mm thick and upholstered in your choice of 27 different PVC colours

These items are made bespoke to suit your facility so please contact us for discussions.