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Freestanding Mat Hanger

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Freestanding portable mat hanger to suit all our mats with eyelets

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Full Description

The Portable Freestanding Mat Hanger is suitable for all mats with eyelets 36cm apart, keeping them safe, dry and tidy when they are not in use.

Attachable hooks provide a customization of up to 4 hooks for various different styles of mats.

Manufactured with 4 wheels and brakes for easy and safe manouverability.


  • Compatible with all mats with eyelets 36cm apart
  • Screw on hangers for customization to suit different size mats
  • Excellent manoeuvrability due to 4 wheel - with brakes.
  • Dimensions: 62cm x 70cm x 209cm
  • Manufactured from tubular steel