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Fully foam filled pits

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Fully foam filled landing pits for adventure parks, obstacle courses, traversing walls, battle beams and similar landing activities

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When designing a cushioned landing area from an element such as an adventure park, a ninja course,a traversing wall or an obstacle course, the depth and cushioning effect of an airbag pit or a foam dismount pit may not be necessary. In such cases a shallower pit may be suitable.

A landing area from these elements can be seen as a pit for "landing on", rather than "dismounting into".

Continental Sports manufactures and installs two types of pits for the purpose of landing on:

  • Resi-pits - see here for more details
  • Fully foam filled pits

A fully foam filled pit has perimeter edge padding - 75mm thick chipfoam upholstered in PVC to reduce the risk of injury from impacts with the 90º edge of the pit. The bottom of the pit is then covered in a 300mm thick solid slab of foam to provide a fully protective base in case any user manages to land between all the foam cubes, and the pit is the topped up with 200mm x 200mm x 200mm foam cubes to provide the cushioning.