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Gymnastics floor anchor

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Gymnastics anchors. To suit a solid floor with a vinyl or carpet surface, or a solid floor with a battened sports floor. SUPPLY ONLY.

Price from: £29.00
Price from: £29.00

Full Description

Our gymnastics anchors provide the safe and secure fixing necessary to safely anchor gymnastics apparatus to your floor.

They are suitable for fixing into a solid concrete floor (NOT a screed, or insulation, or a pre-cast floor with voids, or a block and beam type floor)

Each anchor comprises:

  • Angled steel fixing plate
  • Bolt and washer
  • Internally threaded tube
  • Glass vial of chemical resin to fix the anchor into a solid concrete floor

They are easy to install:

  • drill a 20mm diameter hole to a depth of 100mm
  • clean out / brush out / vacuum dust from the hole to ensure the resin fixes against your concrete floor rather than the dust
  • drop in the entire glass capsule of resin
  • tighten the bolt into the internally threaded tube with the washer in place and put the head of the bolt in the jaws of your drill. If the jaws of your drill do not open sufficiently to accomodate the bolt, you should use the socket attachment from a socket set to hold the head of the bolt
  • drive the anchor into the hole, smashing the glass and releasing and mixing the resin
  • leave to set for 2-4 hours before removing the bolt and washer
  • then wait 24 hours before re-inserting the bolt and washer through the angle plate and start using your anchors

If you do not wish to install the anchors yourself, please purchase the anchors AND the installation charge and leave the installation to a Continental installation engineer.

The anchors are available in two types:

  • Solid floor - designed for a floor where the angled plate is flush against the solid concrete, or through a thin flooring surface such as carpet or vinyl
  • Extended - exactly the same as the solid floor anchor but with a 50mm upstand to enable the anchor to be used when there is a raised timber floor above the concrete. The upstand enables the angled plate to protrude through a removable bushing cover in the floor which must be purchased separately.