Continental is delighted to offer a range of Freestyle equipment to suit your exact requirements - from fixed equipment in a bespoke Freestyle gym, to portable equipment to use in a temporary arrangement in a sports hall, school or youth club, we have a product for you.

We are excited to offer Continental's ModuBlox for FreeG which have been designed for permanent bespoke FreeG gyms.

We are also delighted to partner with Cube Sport of Germany to bring their range of modular Freestyle / Parkour equipment to the UK. Cubes from Cube Sport are ideal for situations where the equipment must be moved to and from storage or in a multi-use environment - or as a supplement to an installation of Continental's ModuBlox

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  1. Sloping boards

    Sloping board to attach to a Cube to provide a ramp

    Price from: £347.00
  2. Gymnastics coaching block 2m x 1m in Aqua

    Multipurpose foam coaching blocks with PVC covers. Cushioned foam body with a firmer foam top for standing on. Available in huge range of colours to suit your gym

    Price from: £353.00
  3. Slide

    Slide attachment to suit a cube or wall

    Price from: £363.00
  4. Railings

    Handrail to attach to a Cube to make a window

    Price from: £563.00
  5. Steel pole

    Steel pole for linking between Cube and Wall modules

    Price from: £299.00
  6. Sloping beam

    Sloping timber beam. 4m long, 70mm x 70mm square section timber

    Price from: £524.00
  7. Parkour beam

    Timber beam with end fixings to suit T-vents on a Cube, Wall or similar module. Available in five lengths.

    Price from: £349.00
  8. Wall bar mounting

    Wall bar mounting. Fastens to existing wallbars to provide a link to other Cubes and Walls.

    Price from: £372.00
  9. Multi-adaptor

    Multi-adaptor. Facilitates connection of various apparatus to Cubes and Walls

    Price from: £258.00
  10. Stump padded top - small

    "Stump" module - large padded cover - 0.47m x 0.47m x 80mm thick

    Price from: £236.00
  11. Stump padded top - large

    "Stump" module - large padded cover - 1.04m x 1.04m x 80mm thick

    Price from: £322.00
  12. Plate for the "bed"

    Plate to enable the bed to be used without a wall

    Price from: £158.00

Items 13-24 of 40

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