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Handball goals - IHF approved

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International Handball Federation approved competition handball / futsal goals from Schelde Sports. Available in freestanding or socketed versions. Complete with nets. Sold as a pair

Price from: £2,975.00
Price from: £2,975.00

Full Description

These goals are designed for handball but are equally suitable for Futsal, as the gaol dimensions for the goals are the same for both sports.

These goals are IHF (International Handball Federation) approved goals and are therefore suitable for the highest level of handball play.

The goals are complete with competition standard 4mm thick nets and a ball stop net for the goal mouth to reduce the speed of balls entering the goal to reduce the chance of rebound.

The goals are available in two types:

  • Freestanding
  • Socketed

Freestanding goals must be floor fixed when in use. For IHF compliance 4 anchors per goal must be used (set of 8 for one pair of goals). The goals can be secured only with 2 anchors per goal (set of 4 for one pair of goals) but technically would then not be IHF approved. If ordering online please add the number of anchors to your basket.

Socketed goals require removable bushing covers in the surface of your floor and are easy to use - remove the covers and lower the goal into the socket and it is safe for play. Two sockets are required per goal which must be core drilled and set into the concrete sub-floor. If ordering online please add four sockets to your basket. We will then contact you to discuss the bushing cover requirements to suit your floor. Please note that minimum slab thicknesses apply so slab thickening may be necessary in new facilities. Please contact us for discussions.

Goals are priced as a pair including nets