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Hockey sideboards

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Interlocking portable hockey sideboards (also known as hockey rebound boards)

Price from: £52.00
Price from: £52.00

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Hockey sideboards are used down the sides of an indoor hockey pitch to keep the ball in the court. They are particularly necessary in halls that are too wide for a standard hockey pitch in which circumstances the skirting board of the hall cannot be used to keep the ball on the pitch. Typically two runs are placed on the floor to mark the sides of the court and the inside sloping face of the boards keeps the hockey ball in play. Sideboards are not necessary at the ends of the court as the ball goes out of play at the ends, but some larger facilities provide hockey isdeboards at the ends of the pitch to stop the ball interfering with activities in other areas of the hall

The boards are manufactured from MDF with a solid beech block used to provide the interlocking pieces. All boards are pre-interlocked in our factory and numbered in the order in which they should interlock to provide a perfect fit.

We offer two types:

  • Standard - with an all MDF front face
  • Premium - with a plastic insert which protects the MDF and paint from damage from the ball, thus increasing significantly the life of the boards. The insert also reduces the sound from ball impacts.

The boards are supplied painted matt white as standard, but can be painted any colour to suit your hall. Please contact us after placing your order if you require a colour other than white.

Hockey sidebaords are sold PER METRE - so please insert the total length in metres you require in the quantity box - the boards will be supplied in 3m interlocking sections with an infill piece to make them up to the length required. The infill piece has a cut-away underside so it drops into place given there would be no room for it to interlock.

When ordering online, please order the total length you require in metres as the quantity (rounded up to the nearest metre). We will then contact you prior to manufacture to confirm the exact length required.