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Impulse Dual Leg Press/Calf Raise

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The Dual range offers huge space saving over single station machines. Each machine features two separate exercises. This machine incorporates a leg press and a calf raise

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Full Description

The Impulse PL Dual Leg Press/Calf Raise is one of the eight key pieces within this high performing fixed resistance range. The Duals range has been designed with ease of use and ultimate functionality in mind. While the range only includes eight machines, each has a dual movement pattern that enables gyms to create a 16-station fixed resistance zone with half the equipment.

Each piece is designed and constructed to withstand the heavy use of busy commercial gym environments. At the same time, the design, setup and movements are all intuitive and easy to understand for users with varying levels of experience. This makes the PL range perfect for hotels, education facilities and commercial gyms alike where floor space is always at a premium.

Range Features

  • Adjustable starting position to accommodate users of all sizes and to provide stability and comfort
  • Highly visible yellow adjustment levers
  • Sleek grey upholstery and silver frame fits in with all gym surroundings
  • Dual use design offers more functionality in fewer fixed resistance station

The Dual Leg Press / Calf Raise features:

  • Large anti-slide footplate accommodates users at different heights
  • Calf exercise available for comprehensive lower body training
  • Reclined adjustable back upholstery offers comfortable exercise and minimal pressure
  • This machine is ideal for focusing on the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and calves

PLEASE NOTE: Price includes delivery, assembly and commissioning in your facility