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Impulse Encore Upright Bike

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Impulse Encore full commercial quality upright exercise bike. The best, fully featured, commercial quality exercise cycle for school environments

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Full Description

The Encore exercise bike is a full commercial quality machine that is ideal for educational settings


  • Adjustable Seat - large, comfortable seat adjustable with 13 different height increments.
  • Handlebars - large handlebars featuring two position options, both with heart rate contact sensors and one with elbow rests. The handlebars also feature rapid resistance level adjusters so users can increase or decrease resistance levels quickly and easily
  • Pedals - large pedals feature a grippy texture and an adjustable strap that goes over the shoe securing it in place.
  • Accessories - 2 x bottle holders, a phone holder and a reading rack
  • Wheels - transportation wheels allows users to easily and safely move the unit.
  • Brake - incorporated self-generating brake system allows user to "free-wheel". This means when the user stops exercising the pedals stop with them - unlike some exercise bikes where the pedals keep rotating.
  • Resistance Levels - An important feature in almost all areas of fitness and exercise is the ability to progress and regress. The ability to change the resistance levels allow users to begin with light resistance and increase it as their strength and stamina improves. It also allows for a more varies workout - which is important for doing interval or sprint style training
  • Power Requirements - The Encore Upright Bike is completely self powered. Just a few turns of the pedals with activate the console and it will continue to stay activated until you are finished your workout.
  • Display - The 6 window LED & DOT matrix display shows your workout progress. Multiple windows allows the console to display multiple types of information to be fed back to the user - further improving their workout experience

Console Feedback:

  • Speed, Time, Watts, Calories, RPM, Distance, Heart Rate, Resistance Level, Programs


  • Calories Target, Distance Target, Time Target, Manual, Cardio, Interval, Burn Calories, Heart Rate: 65%, 75%, 85%, Random, Hill, Advanced, After Burn