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Indoor tennis hall divider netting

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Tennis hall divider netting to separate courts. Suspended from steel cables, or aluminium trackway.


Full Description

We manufacture netting to divide indoor tennis halls so as to keep courts separate during coaching sessions.

Utlising 50mm square polypropylene mesh netting we offer the netting in the following colours:

  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black

We sew in a double sided PVC bottom edge 200mm deep to the netting to help to stop balls and to reduce abrasion wear from the court surface onto the net. The PVC can be in any of our selection of 28 different colours either to match the net or court, or to act as a contrast to the net or court as a highlight of the potential trip hazard.

Netting can be suspended using three different methods:

  • Taught steel cables fixed to the roof and walls - often necessary in tennis halls where the roof height changes significantly over the width of the hall.
  • Aluminium trackway with enclosed runners - the best solution for nets that are regularly drawn in and out
  • Taught steel cables spanned between freestanding floor fixed removable posts - ideal for situations where the netting must be removed entirely in multi-use facilities