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JOOLA "Combi" table tennis bats

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JOOLA Combi beginners table tennis bat. SOLD IN PACKS OF 6 BATS

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Full Description

The JOOLA Combi table tennis bat has one rubber pimples in and one pimples out.

The bat has rubbers without sponge for beginners learning initial techniques. With the smooth rubber on the forehand, defensive as well as offensive attacking balls can be played. The pimples out rubber is excellent in the passive defensive game.

Data Sheet

Use: Indoor
Category: Beginner
Quality: 2-star
Handle shape: Flared
Approval: Not ITTF approved
Veneers: 5
Wood technology: Ergo Grip
Sponge thickness: 1.2
Spin: 55
Control: 95
Speed: 65
Weight (g): 180

PLEASE NOTE: We sell table tennis bats in sixes. The price per unit is therefore the price for 6 bats