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Jumbo Carpet Tiles

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Aesthetic and functional sports hall flooring protection - quickly carpet and protect a sports hall floor. Priced per 2m x 1m tile (i.e. per 2m2)

Price from: £36.60

* Discounts available on multiple purchases of certain configurations

Price from: £36.60

Full Description

The ultimate solution to protect sports hall floors to enable them to be used safely for conferences, social events, meetings etc. The flooring can also help improve the acoustics and deadens footsteps in the hall which is useful for plays, concerts and similar events.

Two people can convert your sports hall into what appears to be a fully carpeted room within an hour.

The tiles are available in a choice of three types - all are 2m x 1m - and a total of 11 colours (sample images are shown below - please contact us if you require swatches):


Tile type

Weight per tile



Backing colour


Type 3


7.0kg 7.0mm Flat Dark grey Petrol blue
Type 2  6.4kg 6.0mm Velour Off-white Dark grey
Pure solid black
Type 1 6.2kg 5.2mm Flat Off-white Dark red
Night blue
Light grey

Should you have a requirement for a special colour then please contact us as this is possible for orders of 1,000m2 or over.

The carpet tiles are made from ultra-hard wearing polypropylene carpet bonded to a non-marking extra-heavy duty backing layer. The colours are all "flecked" by the inclusion of different colour fibres (other than Pure Solid Black which only has black fibres) which results in a mottled look to help resist marks and staining.

The tiles MUST be stored horizontally, so to achieve this, and to make it easy to set out the tiles and to take them up after use, we manufacture special heavy duty 2m x 1m horizontal trolleys and recommend that they are purchased with the tiles. We recommend a maximum of aproximately 100 tiles are stored on each trolley.

How many to purchase? - Assuming a standard 33m x 18m sports hall (i.e. 594m2) we would suggest:

  • 297 jumbo (2m x 1m) carpet tiles are required for a standard sports hall, so we recommend purchasing 305 tiles which includes 8 spare tiles (see below)
  • Spare tiles. We recommend that a small quantity of spare tiles are purchased at the time of ordering, to allow for damaged, spoiled or lost tiles in the future (this guarantees you have matching tiles, and the price is discounted for quantity whereas replacing one or two tiles may prove to be costly in the future). Allow for 2.5% to 3% of the area for spare tiles.
  • Storage trolleys. The carpet tiles must be stored horizontally and to enable horizontal storage and to facilitate laying out and removal of the tiles, for a standard hall we would supply three horizontal trolleys each 2m x 1m.

Depending on the exact dimensions of your room, it is likely that you will need to trim the tiles on either one or two sides of the room to fit. This is a one-time-only operation that is easily done using a stanley knife (but please do not cut the tiles in-situ as you would risk damage to the floor). Those cut down tiles should then be set aside for use in the relevant locations each time the tiles are used.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a standard minimum order quantity of 300 tiles. If you require fewer tiles please contact us prior to ordering as we do often have overrun quantities on hand