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Linked Sea of Rings

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Sea of Rings linking pole. Update your traditional hinged climbing frames to add a "Sea of Rings" Ninja element

Price from: £591.00
Price from: £591.00

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Many schools have a "traditional" pair of hinged climbing frames, either timber or steel, that allow linking apparatus to be spanned between the frames.

Standard linking apparatus includes ladders, beams, poles and double poles.

Continental is now delighted to offer a brand new linking apparatus for use with hinged climbing frames - the Linked Sea of Rings - to suit all pairs of frames that utilise 10' (3.05m) linking apparatus. This item is not restricted to Continental manufactured frames - it will fit all British Standard pairs of hinged climbing / window ladder frames from any manufacturer.

This fun, new apparatus can bring new life to your climbing frames and permits "Ninja" style and "Parkour" activities using traditional PE equipment.

The unit comprises an aluminium steel pole with rubber coated hooks on both ends and sprung loaded safety clips to ensure the unit cannot inadvertently detach from the frames. Five suspension points at 500mm centres have nylon webbing straps each with three alternating red and black ABS plastic rings suspended to create a "Sea" of 15 hand rings. Each suspension point is at an alternating height using different length suspension chains to enable climbing as well as traversing.

Available in two versions:

  • SINGLE - all 5 suspension points are from one single pole (as per the images)
  • DOUBLE - the 5 suspension points alternate on either side of a double pole to provide more challenge and the opportunity to Spiderman walk between the rings

The rings can be used with hands only, or a combination of hands and feet to allow climbing and traversing activities.

As standard the suspension pole is powder coated grey with the rings in red and black.