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MAGNUM - Olympic Incline Bench

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Commercial quality Olympic incline bench with the option of a "Breaker" version to provide easy takeoff of the bar

Price from: £1,460.00
Price from: £1,460.00

Full Description

This high specification Magnum Olympic Incline Bench is available in standard or "Breaker" versions.

Incredibly beneficial for beginners and professional athletes alike, this exclusive system uses pivoting uprights to place the bar directly over the user. We call them Breaker Benches because they eliminate the need for assistance to break the bar, allowing users to get into the start position with less stress on their joints. Greater comfort, easier takeoffs and increased efficiency add up to a superior solution for all users in resistance training.

  • Breaker version: Uprights pivot forward into ideal starting position - directly over the user for easy takeoff
  • Molded urethane guards protect Olympic bars from damage, reduce noise and provide a hand rest for spotters
  • Wide back pad stabilizes users during heavy lifts
  • Ratcheting seat design for ease of use and adjustment
  • 10 weight-storage horns (20.4-kg / 45-lb plates store at waist height)
  • Designed to meet EN957 and ASTM safety standards
  • Supplied with built-in spotter platform 

PLEASE NOTE: the bench is supplied without a bar or weight plates which must be purchased separately