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Mat trolley - vertical

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Vertical mat trolleys for the storage of mats that a sufficiently rigid to be stored vertically

Price from: £205.00
Price from: £205.00

Full Description

Vertical mat trolley with strong swivel castors.

Manufactured from epoxy powder coated steel with a lacquered plywood base.

Only suitable for rigid mats that can be stored vertically such as Continental's Lytamats. The storage of more flexible mats in a vertical trolley can result in permanent damage to the mats

Available in two sizes:

  • Small - 1.2m x 0.9m x 0.33m (4' x 3' x 1')
  • Large - 1.8m x 1.2m x 0.33m (6' x 4' x 1')

How many mats can these trolleys store? Based on the various thicknesses of Continental's Lytamats, we recommend maximum capacities are:

  • 22mm thick Lytamats = 14 mat capacity
  • 32mm thick Lytamats = 10 mat capacity
  • 40mm thick Lytamats = 8 mat capacity
  • 50mm thick Lytamats = 7 mat capacity
  • 60mm thick Lytamats = 5 mat capacity

If you require a greater capacity from you mat trolley we suggest our horizontal mat trolleys which can hold significantly more mats.